Kwan Jin OH


Korean artist Oh Kwan Jin 吳官鎭, is an attempt to bring new change to Korean art by combining shading with realistic expressionism.

The artist uses a knife, instead of ink, to create concise and vivid images and uses the ceramic inlay method to deliver the maximum dimensional aspects to viewers.

 Oh Kwan Jin describes the beauty and vitality of porcelain, including the form and feel of the material, with excellent photo-quality expressions through this exhibition. 

 An unbalanced moon jar is expressed, with ultra-realism, from the black marks of fire stretching from the rough bowl up to a small crack near the rim; the result of fateful resistance against fire; while the background consists of a surrealistic world where the ume flower grows and a cherry tumbles. 

The painting is a reflection of the artist attitude as he struggles to extend his art into a new dimension that travels between oriental and western art.

韓國畫家Oh Kwan Jin(오관진) | 他的畫將舊情趣表現出一種現代感,畫的多是瓷器古玩,其中又以冰裂紋的瓷碗居多,冰裂紋瓷器本身富含一種清冷殘缺,超逸出塵之美,而瓷身的月白色釉面又其兼具玉般的圓厚溫純,瑩潤如脂。他的畫縱觀整體,是一種素淡之餘,寡而不乏。 ​