Yishu Wang


Yishu Wang born in 1988, China. During her age of 7-14, she grew up in Japan with her family. She achieved Bachelor degree at Xi’an Academy of Art in China. After graduation, she pursued further study in University of Massachusetts, United States and gained the MFA degree. Her works of the unique style of the dreamy portrait of little girls have been shown worldwide. Now she continues to keep working as an individual artist in Beijing.

2017"The Muse"(solo), Future Gallery, Lake Orion
2017"Tiny Treasure XI"(Group), Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles
2016"All Hollow's Eve"(Group), Penumbra Gallery, Loures, Portugal
2016"Coaster show"(Group), La luz de Jesus, Los Angeles
2016"Ancient Kingdom"(Group),Alexi Era Gallery, Eugene
2016"Elegantly Indomitable"(2person),Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah
2016"Epeolatry"(Group),Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah
2016"Yishu"(Solo),Swoon Gallery, Los Angeles
2015"Tiny Treasures 10"(Group), Cactus Gallery, Los Angeles
2015"Wishful Tokens"(Group),Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah
2015"Console Wars"(Group),Gallery1988,Los Angeles
2015"Wishful Tokens"(Group),Alexi Era Gallery, Mascoutah
2015"Crazy4Cult9"(Group),Gallery1988,Los Angeles
2015 "Beautiful Death"(Group), Future Gallery, Lake Orion
2015 "The Coaster Show"(Group), La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles
​2015 "California Open Exhibition"(Group), TAG Gallery, Los Angeles
2015 "6x6 International Group Show", Auguste Clown Gallery / Fitzroy, Australia
2015 "MFA Thesis Exhibition"(Groupe),Bromfield Gallery / Boston
2015 "MFA Thesis Exhibition"(Groupe), College of Visual and Perfoming Arts UmassD / MA

Artist Statement

The most representative symbols in my works are these dreamy portraits of little girls. They are my emotional shelter, carries all my happiness and sadness, combined my past and present, thus these girl are innocent and yet sometimes they can feel complex emotions. I gave my girls cartoon-like oversized head, however with realistic details, to make a sense of vague circumstances that one cannot tell whether a dream or reality. I hope such surrealist world can evoke fundamental human emotions in exquisite, for myself and for my viewers.