Zhang Xin 张鑫


Zhang Xin was born in 1988 Tianjin, lives and works in Beijing.

Zhang Xin have graduate Master from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, now lives in Beijing. When school has started Zhang Xin already begun his creation of series of Chinese elements, and later gradually formed a "vacuum wonderful, " the theme of the series creation. Art with its poetic and romantic Orientalism Zen.  

The way in the use of Chinese elements, do not stay on the conversion technique and content, but to find a way to constitute a performance belongs to Eastern. In the creation, focus on the concept of spatial and temporal expression of China, often poetry, Chan Yu as a source of inspiration. Literati painting and the impact of dry landscape on the screen by the constitution, will take rocks, ripples, clouds, the moon and various creatures with reconstruction manner combined to form a new visual experience. Screen background is handled from Chinese painting blank, blank that gives more room for imagination. The series of paintings in half like a raving dream, the other half is meditation when recollections after injury.

For rock paintings, I got some inspiration in the garden. After Zen introduced to Japan and the Japanese temple garden close together. It was given a lot of significance in the Japanese garden in stone. Especially dry landscape generation. Dry landscape is evolved from China during the painting. This concise expression eye visual → landscape painting of landscape → deliberately to create a garden. This conversion is very oriental meant. In the Zen garden trees, rocks, sky, land is often a few strokes that implies profound meaning, in practice they are the eyes of the ocean, mountains, islands, waterfalls, one grain of sand in the world. Such a garden is tantamount to a spiritual garden.

Rocks gave me a lot of inspiration, and gradually I felt rocks are alive. Like rocks from the inside out it can emit a breath, so I'm painting into the rocks, into the mountains, into the field, and even feel a kind of spiritual. So I have a lot of painting in the fish symbol, clouds, water and other elements to break up and then re-compose new feeling. I will be painting in the proportion of things free deployment.